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Blues Festival Guide Online: Directory of Blues Festivals Around the World

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About Magazine


100,000 copies are printed and distributed starting mid April. It is free-distribution circulation. Blues societies, festival promoters, and advertisers around the country U.S. and Canada pre-ordered boxes of Guides to distribute among their members, in their communities at music stores, coffee shops, clubs and festivals. Fans pick them up for FREE!

Single copies can be ordered by sending $7 ($12 outside U.S.) to:
RBA Publishing INC/Blues Festival Guide
P.O. Box 50635
Reno, NV 89513


The first part of the Guide (after table of contents, Page 1 and 3 of advertising) is the Featured Festival Section. The Festivals are in date order for the convenience of fans planning their vacations. The Festivals are also in alpha order on the index page so they are easy to find.

The remainder of the Guide is standard magazine format with 50/50 ads to editorial.

The Guide is printed on 325#-70 bright, white, recycled newsprint. Newsprint will ensure that advertising is affordable for promoters and other potential advertisers. Plus it is better for the earth.

The covers are 70-lb. coated, glossy stock and are sold at a premium.

The size is standard 8.5" X 11" magazine format. The pages are stitched in.

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