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Candye Kane :: COME OUT SWINGIN'

August 1, 2013

Coming Out Swingin’ — the brilliant new record from feminist power poet and vocalist Candye Kane, her extraodrinary guitarist and co-writer Laura Chavez, and her exceptional band. It’s a jukebox for the mind that moves the body and spirit with a broad selection of originals and hip covers.
Raised in your typical dysfunctional, blue-collar family, Candye Kane was a teenage mother, a pinup cover girl and a punk rock, blues-belting brassy broad by the time she was 21. Now with twelve CD’s, a couple of record label signings, millions of stateside and international road miles, countless music award nominations and a life-threatening battle with cancer (Candye has continued to work full-time while battling neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer since 2007), Miss Kane has proven to be a true survivor as she lives up to her moniker, “The Toughest Girl Alive.” While creating a world-renowned reputation that has spanned two decades, not only has she proven to be unstoppable, she has no intention of slowing down.

As the All MusIc Guide notes, “Candye Kane has a secret weapon. Her name is Laura Chavez.”  Talented beyond her years, the humble guitarist Laura Chavez shies away from suggestions that she may be channeling Stevie Ray Vaughan or T-Bone Walker, and lets her talent speak for itself. Chavez continues to make an impression on anybody who is in earshot of her gritty, original and innovative playing.

Kane and Chavez are excited about the upcoming release of Coming Out Swingin’their third CD together. Expect enough string bending from Laura to satisfy any guitar enthusiast as she shows off her blazing style, and Miss Candye Kane is her no-holds-barred self, telling heart-wrenching stories of pain, survival, lust and heartbreak and connecting with the audience with every word she sings — because Candye is not just telling a story, these are stories of Candye’s life. The feminist power poet and vocalist is still the dynamo she was in the 80s. She now does it as a petite size 8 but has lost none of the barrelhouse belting — her voice is a finely-tuned, polished instrument capable of moving effortlessly from a sassy, Etta James blues snarl to a defiant Amy Winehouse ache, the jazzy sophistication of the “Queen of Swing” Mildred Bailey, and the rockabilly wildness of the young Wanda Jackson, while all the while the uniqueness that is Candye Kane shines through.

Coming out Swingin‘ — indeed!